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September Newsletter

Ostrich or eagle – what bird would you like to be?
I’ve had a timely reminder today just how important the work we do at the Business Growth Academy is for small business owners. I was asked by one of my group members ‘How do you do what you do and keep going EVEN when facing challenges’?

He was referring to managing two businesses alongside being a single parent for an 18 month old ball of energy and supporting the businesses I work with on a daily basis. And to be honest, most of the time this doesn’t even seem a challenge. And sometimes, even as recent as yesterday, I too wonder how to keep going.

So what is it that helps us soar like the eagle instead of hide like the Ostrich when facing business challenges, particularly when working on our own?

There are three businesses I have worked with between DB Strategies and the Business Growth Academy who all behaved like Ostriches and sadly none of them are still going today. An Ostrich, many people believe, buries its head in the sand when faced with danger. In a business context that represents these three business owners who, when faced with major business challenges, hid from them. In all three cases the owners dodged my calls, missed planned strategy meetings, reduced costs including staff rapidly and started delivering their services themselves. And none of those businesses exist to tell the tale today.

In contrast the eagle soars high, picks its prey from this vantage point and swoops to get it. And its so good to see those business owners who, when faced with challenge tackle it head on and push ahead, really do thrive.

So how can you be the eagle even when you face tough challenges. Here are three tips to help:

A practical example occurred to me just yesterday. I had a meeting with a marketing expert who to be honest left me feeling that, without a million pound budget, I will never attract businesses who want to work with me. And for about an hour after he left I really felt ‘who me, who am I kidding, how can I do that?’

Now I could have let that mood stay. Instead, I put some music on and gave my landlord who is based next door a good giggle at my out of tune, top volume singing. I then texted my good friend and business coach just to say how I was feeling. She responded straight away with a few positive words of encouragement and a swift kick up the backside. And I created a 15 week action plan that takes me to the end of the year on how to bring my business to market so the businesses I want to work with engage with me.

And guess what, today I had a meeting in which I planned to talk to someone about creating my newsletter and I came away with a potential joint venture partner that can help me put the Business Growth Academy ‘on the map’.

So this stuff really does work. And if you are feeling like an Ostrich and want to hide, why not let us help you soar like the eagle. Join us at one of our last 3 training sessions of the year – see our offers in the side panel.

Goodbye for now and have fun flying.

Best regards


Funding for small businesses
By Angela Kimberley, Angela Kimberley Associates

I specialise in bridging the gap between business owners and funding from government to provide business coaching and training services. My expertise is helping business and individuals cut through red tape to source appropriate funding and grants.

Funding and Grants

With so many different funding streams and opportunities available it is essential that you have a business strategy and understand where your business is going, what you need to do and what resources you need if you want to tap into these resources.

As a Business Growth Coach I can work with you to ensure you are aware of and maximise any opportunities that are open to you and help you build this resource into your actions plans.

Currently there are number of initiatives available to business from apprenticeship grants, funded training, innovation vouchers and much more. One particular funded scheme is called GrowthAccelerator


The GrowthAccelerator programme is a government funded scheme enabling you to access business coaching at an affordable price. The coaching will help you appreciate your true potential for growth, assist you to develop your business strategies, set achievable goals, identify and overcome the barriers that hold you back.

Each coaching session provokes, challenges and inspires you to work on the business and not just in it. All sessions can be delivered on 1-2-1 or on a group basis at your premises with times to suit you. Each coaching session is focused on identifying clear actions to implement the changes in the business to ensure that you start to improve your performance from day 1 of the coaching.

Once accepted onto GrowthAccelerator you will also benefit from access to leadership and management funding of up to £2,000 match funding per Director/Senior Manager and access to six half day workshops.

What is your investment?

Because Government is investing with you in the growth of your business, the cost to you is significantly reduced. Your investment in GrowthAccelerator will reflect the size of your business: GrowthAccelerator is just one of the many different routes to funding for a business. For an informal chat or more information about Growth Accelerator or other services please contact me, Angela Kimberley on 07814 883380 or e mail contact@angelakimberley.co.uk.

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