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November Newsletter

This month's newsletter is coming to you late because I have been so busy running around I finally wrote this at 1am. Have you ever noticed there can be a big difference between 'busy' and productive?

Every business reaches a critical point when they need to expand or risk dying. And that is were I am right now. In fact some of you will have spoken to our fabulous customer relations manager, I have just recruited our internal IT director and your new book keeper and I am interviewing for 3 more roles this Friday. So I thought I would share my tips on how you expand your business when you also reach tipping point.

Lucy Bradbury inspired my recruitment drive by sharing an article that made me think of who do I need to make my life work more smoothly. So to get started, who do you need to make life easier for you? What jobs do you hate doing? What are you rubbish at and what could you delegate if money was no object?

The next step is to list all the tasks you could delegate and allocate them to roles. Those I am filling right now are housekeeper (yes you can spill this over into your home life), administration support, marketing support, social media management, event management and a business manager whose job it will be to organise all those other roles!

Once you know what tasks you want done think about how much time each should take and check the market to see what rate you might need to pay. Multiply the two together and you will have your cost. Then its decision time – can the business afford to pay this cost right now? If yes, fabulous start advertising. If not then you need to consider the opportunity cost of not filling these roles – is it holding you back from expanding your business, delivering your services and other essential tasks without which you cannot grow? If so you might just need to go backwards a little bit to move forwards.

Taking someone on is also much more flexible these days. Roles can be filled by a part time employee, a zero hour contract employee or a self employed individual. Seek advise about what route will fit your needs best. What's important is that you clearly define what the role is and have a contract covering agreed terms that suits all parties. Bringing others into your business in whatever capacity carries responsibilities – to give them access to the right tools to do the work, to issue clear guidance and offer support.

This step is so essential and no one captures why as well as Keith Cunningham, a mentor of mine. Here is what he has to say:

Every large business started out as a small business. In fact, the average Fortune 500 company got started on less than $25,000 of initial capital. Businesses require leverage to grow past a certain point. The leverage of "OP"... Other People...is critical because without OP the founder will have to do it all and there is a limit to how much anyone can do.
When a business is small, the owner is compensated for their time and effort. The more time and the greater the effort, the greater the return... up to a point. When you run out of time, returns stagnate, growth falters, as does quality of service, quality of life and pleasure of ownership.
I know of no single more important factor to sustainably grow a successful business than to have the best people on your team and creating a culture in which they can thrive.
So take a moment to think right now:
And if you, like me, find its time to start bringing other people in to help you then go out and fill those roles.

Until next time

Best regards


Dress to Impress!

How your personal branding can affect all areas of your life.

Are you 'walking the talk'?

"What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language." Miuccia Prada.

So much is written these days about the importance of branding – the branding of your business, of your marketing materials, of your online presence etc. etc.

But what about the branding of YOU – your very own, unique personal brand?

We've all heard about first impressions and how quickly they are formed, so as a business owner, the visual impression others get of us will form the basis of the impression they form about our business too – so it makes sense to ensure it's a good one! The way we present ourselves on a daily basis speaks volumes before we even say a word! The amount of care and attention we take in putting ourselves together tells others how important we think the occasion is, because at work we are not dressing for our own comfort – but to create confidence for our clients/customers in the products or services that we offer. It could be said that how we dress is how we do everything, so to deny this important piece of the jig-saw is to miss out on a big opportunity to create a great first impression in business. Knowing that we look the part is a great confidence booster too.

A recent article in Psychology Today magazine describes research that has been carried out which proves that people will make all sorts of assumptions and decisions about us without proper evidence, so it is important to choose how we dress carefully as our clothes can reveal more than we might think! Dressing appropriately for our particular business sector and any associated dress codes is vital - but so is honouring who we are as an individual. There are 3 key aspects to ensuring that we look 'in focus' on any business or social occasion:
  1. Wearing colours and shades that are in harmony with our natural skin and eye tones, as these will make the skin look clearer and the eyes look brighter, giving a generally fresher and healthier appearance.
  2. Wearing clothes styles that enhance our bone structure and proportions.
  3. Choosing details and accessories that honour our personality, in both character and scale. Is your personal style Dramatic ... Classic ... Natural ... or something else?
Business and industry use processes to save time and effort, minimise error rates and massively reduce costs. Sometimes they have to invest up front to get the medium and long term savings – other savings are immediate. Co-ordinate your 'wardrobe' process and you'll get all of these benefits for yourself – dressing just got one step easier!

How would you choose to be perceived? Our appearance can help us to look professional, individual, knowledgeable, trustworthy, confident, interesting, approachable and much more – the choice is yours.

So, if the idea of understanding 'the language of clothes' appeals to you and you would like more information about the benefits of Personal Colour & Style Analysis, and the different session options available, call Trudy Cooper at HOUSE OF COLOUR on 01255 861792 or email trudy.cooper@houseofcolour.co.uk to arrange a free 30 minute, no obligation phone call.

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