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May Newsletter

"If it is not fun the money won’t come."
~Sarupa Shah


I am writing this on the way home from a fabulous day with Sarupa Shah at the Ritz hotel. What a fantastic experience. You know that feeling you get when you treat yourself and enjoy a little luxury, whether that’s free time on the golf course, a full spa day or simply sipping champagne from the bow of the boat on a river cruise (my personal delight). Well have you ever thought how you can bring that experience into your work? That’s what today was all about; finding your work flow is all about doing what you love well and the money will follow. And we sure did have fun today. Thank you Sarupa (www.sarupashah.com).

Today’s article is all about business, and a particular aspect of business than can trip you up unknowingly – bad credit rating. This is something a client of mine has recently faced when they applied for a new printer under lease and were turned down. We were totally shocked. They run a strong growing business with no borrowings so we could not believe they got refused such a small amount of credit.

The potential impact of such a major drop like this on a business is huge:

These are just a few points, the potential list is endless.

So why did this happened and can it happen to you? The factors Experian consider when compiling your credit report are many and include:

The truth is they get it wrong. In my clients case the trigger for the drop was filing a set of abbreviated accounts that showed a small (less than £5000) reduction in shareholders value. Because these were abbreviated (minimum disclosure) accounts it didn’t show that the company had grown in turnover by over 25% and that the shareholders dividends had increased by the same. It also didn’t show they had recruited a larger team, invested in research and overall had a much better business than a year before. And because they had no borrowing the impact of this small decrease was massive. Luckily following us providing additional information the matter has been corrected and there score is returned to a reasonable 73, and with a bit more work will go back to were it should be – the 90’s!

So who’s taking care of your financial reputation? And if its not you, do make sure they are doing a good job. This applies both personally and to your business. You can check your own position and I recommend you do annually as it will assist you keep your reputation clean and pick up anything that may have crept in that does not belong to you. Experian is also just one of many such resources. Another top one is Equifax, although google credit checking and you will see how many options there are.

And if you want help on managing your financial reputation or growing your business do contact me (joanne@dbstrategies.co.uk) and I will help ensure you stay on track.

Get your logo seen in all the right places – Graeme Parrett, redHotsource

For many businesses their logo is one of their most important assets. It tells your customers and potential customers who you are and what you do. Regardless of your business size or type, you should have a logo that makes your business clearly identifiable.

But once you have a logo, what should you do with it? Where should you put it? The answer is simple – put it everywhere! The first time someone sees your logo they probably won’t take too much notice. The second time they will probably take a double take; the tenth time they will want to know what your business does and why they keep seeing your logo everywhere.

You might think about putting your logo on your business cards, website and leaflets but are you missing some simple tricks? A branded t-shirt, sweatshirt, shirt or jacket can not only make you look professional but will also ensure your logo is seen wherever you go. Do you have a car or van you use for work, and if so have you considered having it signwritten? Do your customers visit you in your office for a chat over a coffee? Give it to them in a branded mug.

You may think these are all pretty obvious options for getting your logo noticed, so why not think outside the box? We recently gave some of our customers a branded ice scraper so that throughout the winter our redHotsource logo is seen as they are clearing their car. One of our customers is a beautician who gives her customers a nail file with her logo and contact details on. We have recently completed an order for a theatre school which has given all of its students a bag with its logo and contact details all over it. The students will carry this to their classes, advertising the theatre school as they go.

Whatever your business there will be some cost effective branding solutions available to you. So whether it’s a simple branded pen or mug or something completely “our there” such as a branded space hopper or personalised wine, make sure you are using all the options available to get your name known and your logo recognised.

Based near Colchester, redHotsource supplies high quality and affordable branded clothing, printing and promotional merchandise to businesses of all sizes. To discuss your branding options call 01206 822833.

You Haven’t Missed Out on Growing your Business Fast in 2014

If you couldn’t attend my brilliant free event earlier this month – don’t panic! Grow Your Business Fast in 2014 was so popular, I am running it again.

When: 5th June 2014, 2pm – 6pm
Where: Holiday Inn Express, Colchester
To book please visit https://growyourbusiness2014.eventbrite.co.uk

Do you want to know how to grow your business fast, increase your income, boost your profits and avoid costly mistakes?

Join me at my next FREE seminar, Grow your Business Fast in 2014:

- Evaluate the success of your business so far in 2014
- Allow you to be really specific about your goals and ambitions for the rest of 2014
- Pin down exactly what it is you need to do to grow your business
- Give you the opportunity to meet other likeminded SMEs from the region, all looking to grow their businesses and be more successful
- Help you to identify your weaknesses and how you can strengthen them; help you identify your strengths and how you can build on them
- Ultimately, ensure you and your business are as successful as you can be in the next 12 months and that 2014 is the best year yet!

To book visit https://growyourbusinessfast2014.eventbrite.co.uk

For 15 years I’ve been working with business owners, just like you, who have consistently out-performed their competition and grown, even in the tough climate of the past five years. In just six months one business owner has DOUBLED their sales orders and their average order value has also INCREASED thanks to working with me.

Dolphin Business Strategies is a trading name of DB Strategies LLP. Registered No: OC331887. Vat No: 919 2599 83
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