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June Newsletter


With the World Cup firmly underway and England's performance far from what we had hoped, I can't help but relate the disappointment of England's result to how I am seeing many business owners feel at this crucial point of the year.

We are six months in, half way through 2014, and many business owners I meet are no where near half way to achieving their business goals.

Are you happy with your progress this year? Have you had and celebrated business successes? Or are you, as many others, feeling a little frustrated that six months have passed without achieving as much as you had hoped. Perhaps you even feel like you have gone backwards a little? Whatever position you are in, now is absolutely the best time to take stock, reflect and plan for a different or even better result for the rest of the year.

And this month's newsletter helps you do just that. Our main article covers what could be blocking your success. Our guest article is from Gill Hayter, Director of Reboot Ltd and an associate trainer with the Business Growth Academy, who is exploring one of the resources many business owners use to get better results – performance coaching.

If you need some more hands on help, details of my next Business Growth Academy workshop – Hit your £100,000 (and that's profit not turnover) - are below.

I hope this helps you re focus on your goals and improve your results this year

Best regards


What's Stopping you Getting Results?

Have you ever been so overwhelmed by what you could do that you never actually do anything? I know I have. In fact I can spend so much time re-ordering all I have to do I run out of time to actually do ANYTHING!

The truth is most of us try and fit far more into a day than is physically possibly. At other times we all lack focus, meaning tasks take longer than they should as we flit between tasks. But something we are all particularly bad at is hiding behind the simple rather than face the challenging, leaving the things we find toughest to last. One of the areas in which I know I used to take this approach is marketing. I ALWAYS put this off, excusing myself by saying I'm too busy, I'm not sure what to do, will it work? Have you ever asked yourself those 'stop' questions?

So what was stopping me tackling my marketing? What's stopping you finishing the tough tasks you need to do? I think it's probably the FEAR of getting it wrong. What if I give out the wrong messages, talk to the wrong audience? What if no one is interested in what I do? All of these concerns stopped me getting stuck into my marketing, but the truth is, without sharing what I do how will anyone work with me?

I try to implement a very simple solution to this procrastination: once a week I create a one page plan setting out everything I intend to achieve that week. If it fits on one page I can easily see the full picture to manage and allocate priorities. I also develop a feel for how busy that page can be and still get everything achieved. What's essential here is to put all the big things on first. I make sure I have at least 3 ‘business growth' activities each week, then client priorities then the rest.

I used to use this with just my task list, allocating key tasks first, filling up the blank spaces and anything that doesn't fit getting moved to another week or delegated. I've recently rolled that out to even more areas of my business. I now have a one page business plan, a one page marketing plan and even a one page client plan to manage clients I am working with one on one.

So what do you need to change to be more effective in your business and how can you change that TODAY to make it happen?

And what blocks do you need to identify and move across, under or over to get the results you are truly looking for.

Take action now and keep growing!

This month, Performance Coach Gill Hayter – Director of Reboot Ltd - talks about the need and benefit of Performance Coaching

As a Coach and Mentor, I am often asked – ‘Why do I need a Coach – I'm doing fine as I am'. For most clients, they approach me because they feel they are stuck in a rut or cannot seem to progress with their goals. This month the Business Growth Academy has asked me to write a brief guide to coaching.

What will a coach do for you?
Developing accountability and goal settings are the greatest strength of working with a Performance Coach. It is very hard to get objective answers from the team that work for you and, in senior positions, it is difficult to share concerns, fears or problems with peers. By having objectivity, you can work together to simplify problems and get clarity on the areas you need to work on.

How do you find the right coach?
You need an excellent coach who asks insightful questions and recommendation is usually the first step. However, it is important to really consider what you want out of the relationships – is it coaching or mentoring.

You need to consider what your goals are and whether the coach you are considering working with has the experience to deal with these.

Get an understanding on the background and skill set of the coach and consider whether you feel you can work with the coach. The personal fit is important. Ask yourself – are they dynamic, responsive and keen to understand your needs?

Once you find the coach that is right for you, agree the way you want to work. You are entering a contractual relationship – but you must keep your end of the bargain, completing activities and committing to the coaching relationship. Otherwise you will not get the best out of it.

My diary is too full.
Skype and Facetime are great ways to reduce any traveling commitments and can increase the confidentiality of coaching sessions. Coaching is not counselling – there is no reason that you need to be sitting face to face, but visual contact though, is better. I mentor a Businesswoman in India – we connect every fortnight, at the same time for 30 minutes. We have never felt that we needed to be in the same room, we continue our sessions in the same way that I would if they were sat opposite me

Coaching or Mentoring
It might be that you believe that Coaching and Mentoring are the same. There are several differences, with the key being Coaching is performance driven, either by enhancing current skills or developing new skills. Mentoring is seen as development driven – you are developing the individual, for now and future jobs.

When should you consider a coach?

If this has sparked an interest then feel free to give me a call at Reboot gillian@performance-reboot.co.uk

Hit you £100,000 fast (and that's profit not turnover)

So are you one of those people I've talked about above? Are you disappointed with where your business is six months through the year, but you are not sure how to take it forward? My next seminar is perfect for you.

Hit Your £100,000 Fast is designed to help business owners like you grow your business, boost your profits and avoid costly mistakes. As a result of working with the BGA team one of our clients went from zero to £80,000 in just 10 months. Another business owner realised he had previously been earning just 80 PENCE an hour!

Join me on 11th July, 9.30am, Holiday Inn Express, Colchester - book here

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Thanks for your time and please share with other local business owners looking for growth.

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