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January Newsletter

"Don't ask yourself what the world needs.
Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go do that.
Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."
~Harold Thurman Whitman
Now is the perfect time to be thinking about the year ahead, so what is it you will do differently in 2014 to get the best result for you, your family and your business?

I am writing this from Australia and can't help but be inspired by the sunshine and beauty that surrounds us on this trip. Our year has certainly started differently and our plans for 2014 are exciting.

As I am away I am not checking my emails so regularly, but every time I do I seem to have an inbox full of promotional emails, special offers and sales emails. I even had one guy selling me his stuff on Christmas Day! Really! Like me, you probably don't have the time to read through them all, so to be respectful of your time I thought I'd share with you what you can expect from the monthly Dolphin newsletter.

We will always share with you great current information to help both you and your business grow, supplied by us and our team of associates. Every month we'll include a great offer, often an invitation to come to our value packed introductory workshop or something else that will help you grow your business.

Coming up this month: So Happy New Year and hope 2014 is your best year yet

Best regards


January Tip – Keeping your eye on the prize

The Christmas and New Year break has given us all the opportunity to reflect on our successes of 2013 as well as the bits of the past 12 months that didn't quite go to plan. You've probably got a good idea in your head right now of what you want to achieve in 2014 and how you want the next 12 months to pan out. After spending a fantastic New Year in Australia I have a very positive feeling about 2014 and know exactly what I want to achieve from it.

But it's all too easy to lose sight of these goals once day-to-day tasks kick in and you spend all your time concentrating on your customers and no time on your own business. Take time to write these goals down now.

Don't just include work related goals and ambitions. Think about your personal life too as often these days the two are entwined. If your goal at the beginning of the year is to take on more staff to free you to spend more time with your family, include it. If you want to increase your profits so you can afford that trip of a lifetime by the end of the year, write that down.

When you are thinking about your goals, make sure they are SMART (specific, measured, achievable, realistic and timed). For example, we all dream of being millionaires sometime this year, but for most of us this is unrealistic. Instead consider a 50% growth in profits within the next 12 months, or taking on staff to allow you to take an extra day off each month. Make sure you also consider how you will celebrate if you achieve these goals.

Some questions to help you: And I have found it's one thing to set a goal and another to achieve it. So here are two secrets I apply to my goal setting that helps bring them alive and keep me on target.

With these two simple solutions you will ensure you keep your eye on the prize, whatever that may be, and make 2014 the best year you have ever had:

Create a vision board
The saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" is certainly true when it comes to keeping yourself motivated in business. How often do you really look at your business plan and does it really inspire you when you are snowed under or having a bad day? A vision board certainly doesn't replace your business plan but it is a great visual tool which will assist you in reaching your business goals.

It's a collection of images that represent what you want to achieve from your business and what would make the next 12 months a fantastic year. So if you are looking to increase your profits to allow you to buy a bigger house, add a picture of your dream home to the board. If by the end of the year you want to only work four days a week to allow you more time with your family, add their photo to the board. It could be that you want your business to become as big and successful as a famous brand in which case put its logo or a photo of its CEO on your vision board. Whatever it may be, if you see something that inspires you, cut it out and put it on your vision board. Don't worry if you don't have an office or if you are often on the road – use Pinterest instead so you can carry your vision board with you wherever you are.

Make sure you look at your board every day and keep adding to it. If you find that it is no longer inspiring you or no longer reflects your goals for the year spend some time to review it and update it.

Write to yourself
In January every year I write a letter to myself. I write this as if to a third person, a good friend. I start 'Dear Joanne ….'

In this letter outline all your plans, hopes and goals for 2014, as if they have already been achieved. The letter is a reflection on the year to come as if it has already gone and you are sharing the emotions it left with your best friend.

For example, if one of your goals is a holiday in Australia you may write 'Dear Joanne, Just back from that planned trip to Australia having seen the New Year lights in Sydney. How fantastic was that? The atmosphere was thrilling, the fireworks amazing and my family loved sharing the experience.'

You get the point? Write from your heart and share the highs of the year you plan to have.

Once written the letter should be sealed and marked to open January 2015 and kept somewhere safe. You will be amazed when you come to open it how many things have come true that you set out in that letter. Sometimes things will change and sometimes things will be even greater than expected and it's always great fun to start the new year reflecting back on how far you have come.

So happy goal setting – I hope you enjoy the experience and that 2014 is your best year yet.

Get your business noticed in 2014
Rebecca Saunders, Unique PR and Marketing

If you are yet to make any New Year's resolutions for your business, now is the time and I would suggest one of them could be to stop neglecting your marketing. The saying “Build it and they will come”, made famous by the film Field of Dreams, is exactly that – a dream (and misquoted too!). If you want people to know what it is you do and how you can help them to achieve their goals, you need to tell them. Pretty obvious, right? But it's very easy to get caught up in the daily grind of running a business, taking both time and budget away from promoting your services to both existing and potential customers.

Unfortunately there's no “one size fits all” solution to marketing and promoting your business. If there was, we'd all be using it. If you are struggling to know where to start with promoting your business in 2014, here's my top tips for success:

Kick Start Your 2014 with our FREE workshop

Do you look back on last year and wish you had done things differently? Perhaps you didn't achieve as much as you wanted to. Did you work more hours than you had planned? Maybe you spent more time procrastinating than actually doing.

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