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Top 5 Moments in 2010

What were your top 5 moments in 2010?

When you look back over the year just gone what makes you smile? For many it will relate to your family, perhaps trips you took or things you enjoyed together. One of my highlights was celebrating my Dad's 70th birthday in Geneva with all my family, even though it was one of the wettest weeks of the summer!

Another was graduating from the Academy of Wealth and Achievement in Australia following a particularly challenging and exhilarating training in presentation skills. What is it that you really enjoyed?

The next step is to reflect on your top 5 achievements in 2010. Like me this could be the achievement of goals you set yourself. Or simply an acknowledgment of milestones you achieved. 2 of the businesses I was working with achieved over 200% growth last year and you can be sure that is something they celebrated. What is it you look back on with pride?

And that brings me to the current year - what are your top 5 goals for 2011? One of my business goals is to assist 10 business owners double their net profit in 2011. A personal wealth goal is to build my property portfolio to 5 and be debt free this year. And I'm well on the way to achieving my health goals already. Remember when you set goals for yourself to make them challenging yet achievable. Be specific - if there is a financial target put a number on it and by when you want to achieve it. And make sure you have goals in all areas of your life so you get balance as the year unfolds. And believe them. Once they are set live as if they are already yours and they will come to you much easier.

The final step is to decide on your top 5 rewards. Success builds success so make sure you take time to celebrate achievements, both yours and others around you. How will you reward yourself? The anticipation of rewards can also be a good spur when you are faced with challenges. There's just one more tip I want to share with you today. Who is the person you will share your goals and rewards with? Sharing them makes them real and brings them to life. This could be family, friends or colleagues. Set a date for when you will follow up with them and review progress to make sure you stay focused and make 2011 the best year yet.

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